Platform Technical Lead

Platform Technical Lead

The platform technical lead is required to be familiar with most processes of drug development, and have experience in technical platform design, experimental team building, and laboratory management. The candidate is responsible for helping BOC Sciences expand contract business. This position requires excellent communication, collaboration, strategic thinking, decision making, negotiation, and the ability to solve multi-problems and manage complex projects simultaneously

  • Mainly responsible for developing strategies, techniques, and instruments for new projects and critical issues

  • Ability to lead a cross-disciplinary technical development team.

  • Design and execute the establishement of novel technical platform

  • Exellent skills in long-range planning and technical policies of the department

Work experience in biochemical CRO / CMO company years of experience in drug discovery and development

  • Capable of conducting research, data pocessing, and reports writing

  • Responsible for technical platform construction, project undertaking and development project

  • Excellent problem-solving skills

  • Good verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to work proactively and think strategically

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