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Hit Screening


What is Hit Screening?

The main objective of high throughput screening is to select the hits that have desired effect on target of our interest. The general route of hit screening is firstly identifying hits with required inhibition/activation effects through compound libraries screening, and then validating these activities with the use of diverse analytic methods.

Fig.1 The picture  of hit screening

Fig.1 The picture of hit screening

Our Services of Hit Screening

High throughput screening of libraries of molecules

BOC Sciences has a diverse collection of more than 30,000 compounds for our scientist to perform full-scale hit identification assays. Our screening libraries allow target- or ligand-based pre-screening using in silico algorithms. Our fragment libraries that containing more than 20 000 molecules are also available for fragment-based screening. We also offer other diverse sub-libraries to improve the success rate in tracking hit molecules.

Hit selection

Statistical tests are applied to identify hits and we conduct screening with replicates. Our experts use the data obtained to calculate the variability and use the t-statistic to assess the significance and highlight hits.

Hit confirmation

Once a hit is selected, our teams carry out further verification testing with the application of a variety of methods in the hit confirmation phase of your drug discovery projects.
1. Biochemical HTS
Enzymatic assays (active enzymes such as deacetylases, acetyl-transferases, kinases, phosphatases, etc.).
Protein-protein interaction study (involving peptide-protein interaction and other larger macromolecular complexes).
2. Cell based HTS
Phenotype screening and imaging based on primary cells.
Compound profiles such as, cytotoxicity data, biological annotations of hit compounds and kinase selectivity profiles.
Structural characterization of hit compound clusters.

Our Advantages of Hit Screening Services

  1. BOC Sciences has abilities in identifying hits from a large amount of compounds with our diverse compound libraries and experience in running large-scale high-throughput assays.
  2. We provide multiple pre-screen orthogonal assay technologies with valid readout to increase the probability of success of your drug discovery program.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research.

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