HPLC-MS for Target Structure Confirmation



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HPLC-MS for Target Structure Confirmation


The identification of drug metabolites as well as in in vitro systems is a crucial step in drug discovery and development. Mass spectrometry, particularly when combined with high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), can offer detailed structural information on the metabolites of a novel drug as a result of metabolism. Screening purified compounds increase confidence in the confirmation of initial hits with positive activity and HPLC-MS has already proven to be an effective tool in confirming the presence and purity of potential target compounds.

Fig.1 The work flow of HPLC-MS. (Sarvani, V.; et al. 2013)

Fig.1 The work flow of HPLC-MS. (Sarvani, V.; et al. 2013)

Process of HPLC-MS

We firstly dissolve the biological mixture in an appropriate aqueous solution and inject samples into the column packed with a stationary support. Then an organic solvent liquid mobile phase is pumped through the column and peptides of different molecular weights are constantly eluting from the HPLC column which are continually detected by MS.

HPLC-MS Services

  1. We carefully select HLPC-MS conditions to maximize the potential of detecting the separated metabolites.
  2. We optimize the HPLC-MS to characterize the pharmaceutical compounds and speed up the analysis process of large numbers of samples.
  3. Our teams also assess the biological information of candidate drugs (such as pharmacokinetics data and develop meaningful structural activity relationships that can be used to guide the subsequent lead optimization.
  4. We are capable of conducting an automated high throughput HPLC-MS workcell and developing a sensitive, quantitative and highly selective method enable a fast data processing.


BOC Sciences has already developed high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with UV and/or ESLD for purity with on-line mass spectrometry (MS) detection for structure confirmation.


  1. Sarvani, V.; et al. Role of LC-MS in drug dicovery process. International Journal of Pharmacy & Therapeutics. 2013, 4(3): 148-153.

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