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  • Experienced and qualified scientists functioning as project managers or study director
  • Independent quality unit assuring regulatory compliance
  • Methods validated per ICH GLP/GMP guidelines
  • Rigorous sample tracking and handling procedures to prevent mistakes
  • Controlled laboratory environment to prevent a whole new level of success

DELT Data Analysis


Sequencing data analysis refers to convert the screening results into the compounds encoded by these DNA tags in the form of DNA sequences. Molecular skeletons, reaction building blocks and library chemical reactions are general methods used in the DELT data analysis.

Fig.1 Schematic representation of virtual screening approaches. (Polgar, T.; Keseru, G. M. 2011)Fig.1 Schematic of DELT data analysis. (Potowski, M.; et al. 2019)

Our Analysis Process and Services of DELT

We have designed an accurate algorithm to identify the enriched features from high-throughput sequencing data for the identification of target compounds. Our general analysis workflow is as follows:

  • Compare different samples for analysis according to the different mechanism of action of the compound.

  • Generate a file of the compound and DNA sequence quantity, attributes and other useful information.

Our Capabilities of DELT Data Analysis

  • We also propose a normalized z-score enrichment metric which applies a binomial distribution model that is relevant for analysis of DEL selection data.

  • BOC Sciences is equipped with automated system that allows for the automatic initiate of analysis once DNA sequencing is completed.

  • We traverse hundreds of 3D Data files with abundant signals.

Our Capabilities of DELT Data Analysis

  1. Our experts have established a DELT data analysis automation platform to realize automatic data processing and reporting, which insignificantly increase the speed of data analysis and make timely data-driven decisions.

  2. We are capable of reporting and delivering the screening results in about one day.

  3. Our chemists also provide the downstream service: We can further confirm and select compounds for re-synthesis according to your project.


  • Potowski, M.; et al. Screening of metal ions and organocatalysts on solid support-coupled DNA oligonucleotides guides design of DNA-encoded reactions. Chemical Science. 2019, 45.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research.

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