Off-DNA Compound Re-synthesis



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Off-DNA Compound Re-synthesis


After analyzing the DEL selection data, hit compounds (on-DNA) are typically re-synthesized without the DNA tag. Generally, enriched hits can be re-synthesized as fluorescent conjugates to enable fluorescence-based assay formats. Once the re-synthesis of these 'off-DNA' compounds is completed, followed by the confirmation process.

Fig.1 Schematic of on-DNA screening and off-DNA screening. (Hackler, A. L.; et al. 2015)Fig.1 Schematic of on-DNA screening and off-DNA screening. (Hackler, A. L.; et al. 2015)

Our Process of Off-DNA Compound Re-synthesis

  • Generate multi-mapped reads for each sample.
  • Enrich signals.
  • Design different scenario for feature analysis.
  • Hit proposal.
  • Re-synthesize the most enriched compounds 'off-DNA'.

Our Capacities of Off-DNA Compound Re-synthesis

We have the following considerations in the whole hit proposal process:

  • Signal intensity (sequence count, enrichment feature intensity).
  • Chemical type diversity.
  • Chemical and physchem properties of compounds.
  • Structural associations and mechanism of action between different DNA-encoded compound libraries (signal comparison between samples)
  • We can re-synthesize hit compounds with a fluorophore moiety or other chemical moieties.
  • For the re-synthesis, 5 mg is offered for each compound and for up to 100 compounds, with less than 8 weeks lead time.

Our Advantages of Off-DNA Compound Re-synthesis

  1. We have a professional and experienced chemical team and our experts have participated in hundreds of re-synthesis projects.
  2. BOC Sciences is equipped with advanced equipment and instruments. Moreover, a diversity of reagents in the libraries are available for best synthesis conduction.
  3. We can also offer gram-level synthesis for active compounds, compound skeletons, etc.


  • Hackler, A. L.; et al. Off-DNA DNA-Encoded Library Affinity Screening. ACS Combinatorial Science. 2019, 22(1): 25-34.

※ It should be noted that our service is only used for research.

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